Monday, March 22, 2010

What must it be like???

To be in heaven, singing with the angels....that is where my sweet, sweet uncle Ray is now.  As of today, his suffering here on this earth is over, and he is singing songs with Jesus.  How sweet that must be! 

I have some wonderful memories of this man.  I've know him forever.  He was a father figure to my own father, and many, many of my childhood memories include him and my aunt Jessie. 
First and foremost, he was a pastor ~ in my lifetime, I've sat under his ministry, I've worshiped with him.  Learned from him, laughed with him...even laughed at him!  2 things I will always remember about him.  1.  He loved RC cola!  That was his "drink of choice"  he LOVED it.  2.  I used to get the biggest kick out of him, sitting on the platform at church, leaned back in his chair, legs crossed, mic in hand, and just worshiping.  He loved to worship the Lord.  I loved to watch him.
  His worship was always so very sincere.  And I dont care how well you sing, if your worship is not sincere, what is the point of it? 
He was also a very loving, and caring man....and funny.  My dad and I used to go eat breakfast with him in the mornings at this tiny little cafe in a small town in Oklahoma where he pastored a church.  Until that point, I did not know just how funny he was.  But, this guy....he had a sense of humor.  Oh yes....if my dad or my brother reads this....all I am gonna say is "melon".  HA!  You will know what that means!  Those early morning breakfasts let me in on a side of him that, as a child, I did not know before, and I will cherish those memories forever ~ I almost feel like I was let in on a secret, as most of the time, it was just me, dad, and uncle Ray. 
It also feels strange calling him uncle Ray, since for most of my life to me, he was uncle Maynard.  But, no matter the name, he was always the same.  Strong, masculine, gentle, loving, giving, kind, protective, christ-like.  That is who he was to me.  I will always love you Uncle Maynard  Ray Pugh!  Party it up in heaven with your brand new body!  ~kimberly

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