Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ok this!

So, it seems as though lately I only post if it's someone's birthday or I have poop story.  Well, since I live to you go. (and no, it's not anyone's birthday)

I cant remember if I posted about the cats we aquired for Christmas last year, but in the event that I did not, I will tell you.  Last year, we decided to get the girls a cat for Christmas because they had been asking for one.  Well, a friend had two cats they were looking to give away.  They were sort of fostering these two sister cats and we were like, cool....they are older cats so my little girls couldnt hurt them, they were already declawed in the front, so no worries about the furniture...however....these two girls were rescued from a crack house.  So, they are a little skiddish.  They have not acclimated to our hectic, loud house really well.  But, for the most part, it had been working out.  Fast forward to this month.....

My oldest is in charge of the cat box.  She is supposed to scoop it everyday, add litter when neccessary, all that good stuff.  Well, she went a day without scooping, and one of the cats, in retalliation, pee'd and pooped on her bed.  Argh.  She has a brand new has cat pee on it.  I had a talk with A about it, and helped her to understand that she cant skip.  So...a few days later, the cat did it again!  I am livid by now, because that is just gross.  The next morning I woke poop on the couch.  (the only thing that saved that cat's life is it didnt pee on the couch), then I get a text later in the day....that stinking cat pooped and peed on my daughter's bed AGAIN and this time, sat right next to it until the girl came home from school., I am so ticked off I cant stand it.  I told my husband, I'm done, get rid of them....the very next day, one of my little girls comes in and tells me there is poop on MY bed!  By now, I know which cat it is, so I go find her, and chunk her out the back door.  She cried and cried at the back door and window all day until, a visitor here accidentally let her in.  I thought, ok, well maybe she learned her lesson.  Nope!  Next morning, poop on the bed again.  So, the cat was thrown out.  She is now an outside cat until I decide what to do with her.  And let me tell you....she is NOT a happy camper.  She keeps giving me dirty looks, and wont come to me unless I am feeding her.  But jeez!  Would YOU leave a cat in your house that maliciously poops on beds???  I seriously doubt it.  I am sorry, but that just does not sit well with me. 

I dont know what it is about my house that children and animals think it is an open toilet.  Thankfully, the kids have grown out of what to do about the pets????

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Corrie said...

Remember those awful Persian cats your parents had that kept doing this? Made me not want cats. We have a lead on a house and I was thinking maybe a kitten would be nice, now I'm not so sure...I would be livid at the pooper too!
I can't top your stories but I posted the baby poo story. Hope it makes you smile. Love ya!