Saturday, July 3, 2010

a lot of nothing....

a few posts back, i reminded myself to take some time for myself....not get too busy.  yeah.  that didnt really work out.  Things are endlessly crazy around here, but you know.  I kind of love it.  I guess I cant truly say that i havent taken some time for myself.  I have been reading.  Which, if you have children, you know is next to impossible.  especially if you are like me and have a really hard time doing the mundane things like feeding your kids when you are lost in another world.  my poor hub.  i wont pick up a book tonight because I know he misses me:( 
I worked yesterday for 6 hours, got to my sis in law's house to pick up the kids, and she was having a crazy, frazzled day, so i finished curling her hair for her (she was going out to dinner) and about an hour later, loaded up my crazy crew plus the 3 nephews and headed home.  A while later, I picked up the book, "The Wedding", and about midnight I put it down again.  That was an awesome book.  I completely lost myself in the story, and well, it was just happy. 
Right now, i am putting off going to the grocery store.  I just dont want to.  so, instead, i decided to blog. poor you.
there is so much going on, but i truly do need to go to the store, then I have a few hours of work to do tonight.  the fun never ends.
by the way....i miss my oldest pretty bad right now.  She spends 6 weeks of the summer at her dad's and every year i miss her more.  I just realized the other day that I only have four more years of her living at home.  She will go off to college and then her tirme will really be divided.  ~sigh~  not looking forward to that.
Also, on another note....i think i am a lucky blogger.  I read a few others, and they tend to get hate mail...crazy, i know.  especially when they are just blogging about their big polictical or religious posts....just life!  but a while back, I posted regarding a nasty little coward who anonymously posted something in my comments tht I rejected.  and wouldnt you know....they have never commented again!  hehehe...little coward.  guess they lost their audience!  For those of you who do post on my blog.  Thanks for taking the time to read, even tho my posts are few and far between right now, and this one doesnt have any poo or vomiting stories.  I will work on that for you.:)


Corrie said...

Awww, no poo...
I like to escape into a story, as you well know. I recently read Stephanie Meyer's The Host. Think you might like it... sometimes I set a timer for myself, so I won't keep reading when I should do something more pressing- like feeding the kids. Not sure why they think they need to eat... :) Miss you much!

kimberly said...

I have read that book...I didnt think I would like it, but I did end up liking it very much. And, sorry I dont have any poo stories for you, but not sorry enough to create any!
I should totally set a timer for myself, but I would ignore it, even if I actually heard it! I usually try to read at night, but then my poor hub has to go to bed alone and that can only last for a few nights:)
I dont know why those stinkers think they need to eat either, but sometimes I think, you know how to make a pb&j.....why do you need me??? lol!
Miss you much too!